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   Destination Wedding at Kerala- Tie a Knot in the middle of Backwaters, Beaches, Island, Rivers or even in the middle of the Sea.

Known as God's own country, Kerala needs no other description. The unspoiled beauty of Kerala can only be perceived truly by beholding it. The backwaters and the hills of Kerala embody in themselves a quality of divinity and serenity. The exquisiteness of Kerala will blow anyone away and tying the knot there will only make your bond even more profound. A beach wedding, a houseboat wedding or a wedding by the hills, Kerala provides you with many options. Taking a boat-ride in the calm waters amidst the lushness of the forest is one of the many ways in which you can spend a romantic evening with your loved one. Kerala is just waiting to be explored by you.

A wedding is not just a ceremony for coming together of two people, but it is an event of a lifetime. The wedding marks the beginning of a lifetime of happiness, joys and sorrows. Thus all the customs, rituals or even the trivial things related to weddings hold immense importance. The venue for the wedding is one of them. Wouldn't the wedding be a memorable experience if the location is mesmerizing, the food delicious and the decorations lavish, all this along with the relaxing feel of being on a holiday. Well, a destination wedding in Kerala is the answer.

   Backwater Wedding in Kerala

Exchanging wedding rings in the middle of backwaters with your friends and family will be a unique wedding experience. A boat full of luxury awaiting you in the presence of your loved ones will be an experience to boast about. A small and intimate ceremony with a view of the horizon and the cool breeze blowing by your side and the pristine waters surrounding you is nothing short of an ideal wedding ceremony. The experience of marrying on a moving boat with it swaying to the tides will be a tale to recollect to your grand children. Begin your married like in style and with a novel idea of a houseboat wedding. Wedding ceremonies on a houseboat can be held in Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kochin and Kollam in Kerala.

   Beach Wedding in Kerala

Feeling the grainy sand under your feet, taking in the freshness of the air, immersing yourself in the rhythmic sound of the waves, tender coconuts cocktails to drink, all this while holding your partner's hands! That is what a wedding on the beach brings home. Let the ocean symbolize the depth of your feelings and the strength of your love and the vast sky a testament of trust and faith in each other. A beach wedding promises to be fun and beautiful. Exchanging vows with the horizon in the backdrop with the melodious chirping of the birds in the air gives a different meaning to sublime. Do not miss out on the unparalleled experience of tying the knot on a beautiful beach with your loved ones showering their blessings on you.

   Island Wedding in Kerala

Capture the charm and the romanticism associated with the islands by having a destination wedding on a private backwater island. With no one to disturb the fun and frolic of the wedding celebrations, island weddings have a special charisma about them. A breathtaking and unadulterated setting, far away from the pollution and noise of the cities, with only your spouse and your family is the fitting location for an intimate personal ceremony. You can have a cruise, kayak, a houseboat or a lavish outdoor wedding on the island where the stars will be a witness to your special day. Explore the exotic life, culture and foods of the island dwellers and make sweet memories of your own. Begin your life in a distant land whilst having the honeymoon of your dreams. An island wedding is the most romantic wedding that you can ever have.

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